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Wealth Managers Who Get Invited to Weddings

We’re not a big firm. Because at a big firm, advisors don’t have the time or capacity to walk through life’s ups and downs with clients. SFMG is the perfect size to make sure you’re never just a number.

We’ve celebrated with clients at weddings, birthdays, and graduations. We’ve also mourned with clients. When you choose SFMG, you get the expertise of a large firm, with the care and access of a small firm.

Whether you’re browsing your portal after hours or reaching out to talk—we’re here. And you’ll hear from us. To know you, we can’t just send a quarterly report. There truly is an SFMG difference.

The Professional Financial Partner You Need

The formulaic approach to wealth management doesn’t work anymore. Every client has different assets, unique goals, and changing life circumstances. We take the time to know you. And, living in a globalized world means wealth advisors need to be agile and innovative. Our Texas-based firm makes quick pivots and has an eye on the long game.

Your Newest Emergency Contact

We mean it when we say we build relationships with clients. Our clients reach out to us during all the events life throws at them. Since we regularly work with our clients’ full financial teams, we’ve put in time helping clients work through the heartbreak, stress, and immense paperwork that comes with unexpected deaths, job loss, and more. We want you and your family to feel safe with us.

Texas-Based with a Global Perspective

SFMG is Texas based. And we represent the best of Texas: diversity of age, background, gender, experience, and worldview. We’re committed to our communities. Our team is encouraged to proactively impact the community through volunteer time off. We’ve grown wealth for families, entrepreneurs, established professionals, and executives since 2002.

Research Driven Strategy

Our team uses a cycle-based understanding of the market and economic changes. We combine our insights and internal analysis with leading institutional research. Tactical moves—based in analysis—are used to help manage risk based on your individual goals and life stage. We use these same strategies to invest for our own futures.

Fee-Only Advising

SFMG is an independent Registered Investment Advisor with a fee-only compensation model. You pay a fee based on the assets we manage and planning services provided. We’re not brokers who receive commissions on investments or trades. Our only incentive is safeguarding your future. We deliver unbiased and independent financial advice through integrity and extraordinary personal service.

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Core Values

Proactively Impact Our Community
Encourage Innovation and Ongoing Improvement
Promote a Culture of Collaboration, Diversity and Opportunity
Approach Decisions with Discipline and Analytical Rigor
Provide Exceptional Client Service at All Times
Passionately Protect Our Client's Best Interest
Objectivity and Transparency

Our Promises to You:

  1. You and your finances come first. Always.
  2. You are more than a number—expect above and beyond service.
  3. You will have the information and education to make informed and smart decisions.
  4. We are available—you can always see how you are performing.
  5. We use analytical rigor and up-to-date information to make decisions.
  6. We invest your money the same way we invest our own.

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