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Fees on managed assets and planning services—no commissions or kickbacks for products.

On Your Side

We care. And we’re fiduciaries. Our desire to provide financial peace of mind is backed up with a legal obligation to put your interests first.

Beyond Expectations

Our most vivid client memories and experiences are about how we’ve helped outside of finances.


SFMG works across internal teams—and with your full financial team—to take care of you.

Don’t Just Visualize Your Future—Live It!

When you stop and imagine your future, what do you see? Do you hope for an early retirement with exciting travel and time with family? Do you imagine watching children or grandchildren graduate from college? Do you want to buy that lake house—right now?

Not Your Standard Wealth Management Firm

SFMG’s approach to wealth management is about more than quarterly returns and investment options. We want to make your dreams—like that bucket list trip around the world trip—a reality. Our data-based, strategic approach ends in you living the life you want and feeling peace about the future.

Our Philosophy: It’s About Relationship

Relationships are more than numbers. That’s why every client is more than an account number. We’re here through life’s highs and lows. We’ve celebrated with clients at weddings, birthdays, and graduations. We’ve also mourned with clients. We’re here to give you peace of mind.

An educated client makes smart decisions. We deliver advice and information so you feel confident in your own decision-making.

Our commitment to you:
  • Promote and provide complete transparency
  • Provide a team of professionals that are familiar with your situation – financial concierge
  • Simplify the complex and filter out the extraneous
  • Meet regularly and confirm that your financial goals are on track
  • Review and address obstacles
  • Utilize the latest research and technology
You Actually Come First

Imagine you’re two days into a planned vacation. Work has been stressful. You needed that PTO. You’re about to turn off your phone and work calls. It’s your boss. They don’t call unless they actually need you. You answer and the floor falls out. Due to circumstances beyond your control, your boss tells you that you’ll need to decide between a pay cut with the same job or early retirement. And they need a decision in 48 hours. As a client of SFMG, we should be your first call for information. We have all the information to run scenarios and let you know what both options look like in the short and long term.

Wondering what you did? You were in a good place financially. You retired, bought your dream house, and started checking off your travel bucket list.

For clients to come first, your wealth advisor needs to know you, your goals, and overall financial situation. We want to be on your shortlist to call when life is hard.

Successful Wealth Management Requires Partnership

Our clients value regular updates and easy access to us. We maintain a low client to advisor ratio. Your advisor will always have time for you. Expect regular meetings to stay up-to-date on changes to the market, tax code, and the economy. Our clients are smart, professionals. With the time and research, they could do some of this work themselves. Instead, we save them the time by doing the legwork. We work to make the complexities of planning and investments clear and understood. And clients are able to act on our advice!

Wealth Management is a Partnership

The risks, obstacles, and opportunities make a difference in your day-to-day. Early retirement, setting aside money for college tuition or taking a sabbatical all take planning and saving now.

We are Registered Investment Advisors and fiduciaries based in the Dallas area. These designations, combined with our team’s professional certifications holds our team to the highest ethical standards. We want to be your partner!

We personally invest in the same strategies we use for our clients. Let’s build our futures together.

Wealth Management

Individualized, research-driven wealth management that changes with every life stage.


Exclusive access to alternative investments vetted with thorough due diligence.

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