Executive Wealth Management

As a key executive with your company, you have access to the combined expertise of our wealth management team.

Our Executive Wealth Management Advisors Are Available When You Need Us

Through access to our executive wealth management advisors, you and your family can more effectively make plans for the future. Our financial advisors bring a breadth of experience that can give added confidence in establishing and attaining your long-term financial goals.

What You Get from SFMG Wealth Advisors

Our team of executive wealth management advisors offers high-touch, personalized attention that includes the following:


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your executive financial plan will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and assist you in establishing priorities for your goals.  You will then be provided with a strategy for implementing your plan.



Investment Management

Based upon the returns needed to reach your financial objectives, our team will help you develop an investment strategy that will take into consideration your risk tolerance as well.



Coordination of Benefits

Because you are a valued executive, your company provides you with an array of benefits. Our wealth management advisors help coordinate your benefits with your personal financial plan, maximizing their impact for you and your family.