About Us

SFMG Wealth Advisors is dedicated to helping you achieve financial confidence for life.

SFMG Core Values

Passionately Protect Our Client’s Best Interest
Objectivity and Transparency
Provide Exceptional Client Service at All Times
Approach Decisions with Discipline and Analytical Rigor
Collaborative Culture
Proactively Impact Our Community

th-wm-diffWealth Management with a Difference

SFMG Wealth Advisors (a Texas LLC) is a Dallas-based financial planning and wealth management group comprised of professionals with a variety of unique backgrounds and viewpoints. Founded in 1992, our team offers high-touch, personalized financial planning and wealth management for individuals and families. We approach each client relationship from a planning perspective. We see this as an ongoing, dynamic relationship rather than a one-time event.

An Experienced Team of Dallas Area Financial Advisors

With an expert team of Dallas financial advisors, SFMG acts as a catalyst to help our clients define their individual financial goals. Drawing upon our collective breadth of expertise, we deliver effective, personalized solutions and targeted investment strategies for clients in a variety of life stages.

Advice on a Fee-Only Basis

SFMG Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering a fee-only compensation model. Rather than a broker system where the financial advisor receives a commission on every new investment or trade, you pay a fee based on the assets we manage and planning services provided. This ensures that our financial advisors’ only incentive is your wealth accumulation. Our clear mission is to deliver unbiased and independent financial advice through integrity and extraordinary personal service.

th-imInvestment Management Built Around You

Our research has revealed that various investments yield significantly different results given the market and economic cycle. By understanding these cycles, we are able to assist you in making more informed investment decisions. We combine our insights and internal analysis with leading institutional research to make tactical moves that manage risk based on your individual goals and life stage.